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Top 10 Wedding Car Hire Tips

Things can get pretty hectic as the big date approaches. Having enough cars at disposal is one of the major concerns at a wedding, which is why we have 10 car hiring tips for a wedding so that your special day goes without a hitch.

  1. Leave it to the pros

Hire professional help; Reach out to a well-established, car rental company that rents out great cars for weddings and parties big and small. Choose a firm that knows the whereabouts well and has supplied wedding cars to many in the past. They would also have good churches and reception venues to recommend you.

The firm would plan the chauffeur schedules for you and even do a test-run to and from the venue prior to the actual event.

The cars would be prepared for you a couple of days before the wedding to ensure they are in mint condition and decorated in accordance with your preferences.

  1. Be realistic about the timing

Decide on the final route as soon as possible and check with the chauffeur to make sure he knows exactly where you want to go. Sometimes brides want to take a special route to the ceremony, and the newlyweds mostly like to go around for a ride afterwards before the reception. The car hiring company would help you plan the route and the timing but consider what your priorities really are.

  1. Think about the distance and the number of people

It is important that you think about where the venue is, where the pickup points are and how many people would actually be in those cars. For example, the number of bridesmaids, best men, maid of honour, and the number of flower girls, page boys, close friends and immediate family. And of course, the bride and the groom itself. This will determine the number of cars you would be needing.

  1. Book early

Just like the venue, wedding cars need to be pre-booked just as well. Because surely they would be avalanched with customers calling in to request their services. Especially in summer and on weekends. You want to make sure that you bag yourself a deal you want so nothing spoils your big day.

  1. Go for an older model

Renting a Vintage car or a car of an older model adds to the grandeur of the wedding and makes everything appear more luxurious. In addition to that, the car is highly likely to be much more maintained than the usual.

  1. Look for tasteful vintage car owners

There are many hobbyists car owners that give out their cars for occasions like weddings and other cocktail parties to a select few. Look them up!

  1. Get the colour right

It is important the colour you choose for the car you hire, complements the style and theme of your wedding. Hiring a maroon car when your theme is pastel pink would just be off. Also, you might want to check with the car rental company if they would be able to match the flora and ribbons with the car you are choosing.

  1. Think about the style of the car

Ideally, the wedding car should reflect the theme/style of your wedding. It’s not just about picking the right colour, but the right look just as well. If you have chosen to have a vintage wedding theme then you should opt for a Cadillac or a vintage looking Volkswagen. If the look and feel are modern, then why not look into getting a Mercedes Benz or a Rolls Royce?

  1. Make sure the car is not double booked

Ask the company if you are getting exclusive use of the car. Ideally, the company should be giving out a certain car on per wedding/ per day basis. You don’t want to go returning your car in the middle of your ceremony. Double booking of a car is not only inconvenient but extremely unprofessional.

  1. Think about your comfort above all else

Ensure the bridal dress is at peace with the car. The car should be spacious enough for the bride to fit in her dress properly without ruining it. The car rental company would be happy to advise and show you cars that suit your needs best.

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