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Removing Vinyl Signage off vehicles

Rental cars are the most impactful vehicles on the road. Why? With their promotional vinyl signage proudly on display, they act as self-promoting billboards-on-wheels, while they are hired and cruising around the city. That’s the smartest a branding strategy can get.

Car hire companies go through this one-time-hassle and enjoy years of free and effortless promotion.

Now, if you, as the owner of a car dealership, have a fleet of cars that are vinyl signage-struck that you want to sell, then you might want to remove the decals.

Seeking professional help

Sometimes we don't feel like home fixing some problems, especially if we are looking at taking off decals from an expensive car. The best solution is to take off vinyl signage from your car is to take it to professionals who deal in putting up and taking off auto adhesives. They would know what to do and what to use that would be best depending on your car. Look around for professional signage dealers in your area.

If you do want to do it yourself, here is what to do. But, we recommend to not practice this if your car is incredibly expensive.

Using a heating agent; a heat gun or a blow-dryer

Heating the surface in question, preferably with a heat gun or a hair dryer- heat the graphics/ decals you want to remove. This allows the graphics and the adhesive underneath to de-harden and comes off easily.

Removing the adhesive

Store bought adhesive-remover

Hardware store or car supplies stores nearby you would have one that would do the job. There are different products for different kinds of adhesives; make sure you get the one that is made for the adhesives you are dealing with. If the dissolvent is too strong, then the paint might come off too.

Don't use metal scrapers or dissolvent that might take off the paint.

To avoid scratches, bumps or other marks on your car, it is advisable that you do not use metal scrapers or anything sharp to scrape off the adhesive as it may leave marks on your car. There are scrapers available solely for this purpose; you should use those.

Moreover, depending on the vinyl signage on your vehicle, some dissolvent might be a bit too strong to use. Make sure that the one you are using is compatible with the adhesive and is effective and not harmful for your car.


If all else fails, or if there's little adhesive residue left on the car or the glass, then use Vinegar solution on the area until the sticky residue comes off completely.

To make Vinegar solution:

1 part White Vinegar

2 parts of water.

Keep the solution in a spray bottle and spray the affected area regularly. Leave it for 5-10 minutes before rubbing it in circular motions.

Repeat as needed.

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