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Common Myths Associated With Taxi Services In Guildford

You will find some negative reviews related to taxi services in Guildford on the internet, but that does not mean that all taxi service providers are offering unprofessional taxi services to travellers in Guildford. It is to be noted that the negative reviews are usually written by people who hire taxi hire company in Guildford without checking company’s repute and history and then face exploitation at the hands of taxi service provider.

The fact is that taxi is considered as one of the most convenient ways to travel in and around Guildford. The misconceptions associated with taxi services in Guildford stop people from hiring taxis.  It is to be noted that taxis offer a number of benefits to travellers. But due to misconceptions associated with taxi services in Guildford, many travellers don’t hire taxis and don’t get the benefits offered by them.

We are discussing below different myths associated with taxi services in Guildford.

Taxis are unsafe

There is a common misconception associated with taxis that they are unsafe. The people who are new to a city fear that taxi driver may rob them/overcharge them. The fact is that when you book a taxi through well-reputed, reliable and professional taxi hire company, you get well-maintained, comfortable, insured and safe taxis driven by experienced, trained, licensed and CRB checked drivers. The drivers of well-reputed and reliable taxi companies are responsible to transfer passengers to their desired destinations safely and hassle-freely.

Taxi service is expensive

This misconception is held by travellers who have been charged high fare by taxi drivers in Guildford. It is to be noted that if you don’t do proper research related to history, charges and services of different taxi service providers in Guildford, you end up paying a high fare.

As different taxis companies in Guildford claim to offer travellers high-quality cars and an exceptional travelling experience, therefore many people who have not used taxis in Guildford much assume that taxi is an expensive mode of transportation in Guildford. The fact is that taxis in Guildford offer a cost-efficient solution to travellers.

Booking a taxi is a complex process

This is another myth. The fact is that taxi company in Guildford have now made the process of booking taxis much more simple and quick. For the ease of travellers, taxi hire companies now offer different options to book a taxi in advance. Travellers can book a taxi through the website, mobile app and phone call. It takes only a few minutes to book a taxi through the website and mobile app.

Taxis are not efficient

Again this misconception is held by those travelers who did not hire a registered, reliable and professional taxi company in Guildford and consequently got late because taxi driver did not turn up on time. It is to be noted that reliable and professional taxis companies ensure that their drivers will pick travellers on time and will take them to their desired destinations efficiently and comfortably. You should always hire a well-reputed taxi hire company that is popular in Guildford for its efficient, reliable and professional taxi services.

Surrey Cars Guildford is a private hire taxi company serving Guildford, Woking, Burpham, Merrow, Worplesdon, Shalford, Godalming, Cranleigh, Albury, Chilworth and Bramley.
Please Note: All Airports trips will have an additional charge of £5 between the hours of 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM
Surrey Cars Guildford  Ltd is licensed by Guildford Borough council. The Private Hire Operator license number for surrey cars guildford is PHO-050.
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