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Car Renting Tips For Business Travelers

Renting a private car is often the most practical means of transportation during travel. Whether you hire a car to fly to your destination and upon arrival, renting a car is often an easier option to move around. While it seems simple, renting a car can turn into a hassle. There is plenty of paperwork and options that may lead to confusion and delay, and end up costing even the savviest travellers extra money.

So we have put together some practical car renting tips for you to keep in mind the next time you rent a car while you travel for business.

- Have a membership

The ease and benefits of having a car rental company membership cannot go to vain. Upon signing up, the important information like driver’s license number, contact information, insurance details, etc., are jotted down and completed ahead of time, which would take you a lot of time otherwise. From then on, the automated database would take care of the paperwork while you rent a car in no time. No more standing in queues! Additionally, being a member means all the deals and discounts that keep your overall rates lower become applicable.

- Stick with one car renting company

If you don’t have a preferred taxi service or car rental company, it’s time you chose one. Find a car renting company that best fits your company’s needs and be persistent with them.

-Inspect your car

Each car is inspected for damage upon return, then cleaned before making it available again. If there are any signs of damage on the car, it's likely that they went unseen. You could be held responsible for the damage and therefore liable to pay its repair costs.

Car rental employees keep a keen eye, but sometimes, small details can easily fall through the cracks. Be meticulous about the condition of the car before you take charge.

- Understand if you need insurance

You could be asked by your car rental service whether or not insurance or additional coverage if they are already covering. Understand what to accept or decline beforehand by being aware of what your bank, car insurance company and Credit Card Company is offering in terms of insurance coverage. Therefore, confirm these little details prior to booking.

- Make your reservation in advance

. Rental car companies have a fleet of limited cars and can possibly run out, even at large cities and airports. Do not assume to get a rental car without reserving in advance.

- Direct Hiring

Instead of relying on a third-party app or website for car renting, it's always best to rent a car directly from their respective website to minimize the risk of cancellation or any other hitch.

- Confirm the return time

Rentals are generally made in a 24-hour span. If you return a few minutes late, you may be charged for another day. Ask them about the grace time allowance, if at all.

- Include flight information, if any

Be sure to provide flight information upon reservation. This is how the company will know to hold your reservation if you arrive late.

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