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Tel:+44(0)1483 44 99 99
Surrey Cars Guildford | 01483 44 99 99 | Online Airport Taxi Quote in Surrey

Booking Advice from Surrey Cars Guildford

Priding on great service and satisfied customers for 7 years and counting. As Surrey Cars Guildford continues to grow and expand, they have a few passenger-friendly tips for you to benefit from.

"You" = Reservation holder

When we say "You" or "Your" during a phone call or in an email, it refers to any individual, family, company or a group that may have reserved with us. It is to be noted that any name, personal or business, provided by the customer will be used in further notifications, emails or calls, billing and invoice, pick up and drop off.

If your reservation is company sponsored, it is advised that they should place the booking under the passenger(s)' name to avoid confusion.


We strongly recommend that you allow yourself a good amount of time when you have to reach your destination. Specify a pickup time that is at least a few hours before your flight or any other important commitment.

For example, if your flight is in the evening and you are supposed to leave at a time you know will be a rush hour

Surrey Cars will not be held responsible for any delays caused by passengers, traffic, or weather conditions.


The rental car requirements specified by the passengers would be the core determinant of the prices quoted by us. You could two identical cars and the prices may vary; if you request additional services or gadgets with either one of them.

Prices are subject to change if there is a request from the passenger(s) about:


At Surrey Cars, we strive to provide utmost comfort and safety in any vehicle we set out for hire. Hygiene is our utmost priority; we take special measures while maintaining the cleanliness of our fleet, inside and out. We request our passengers to do so as well, for their benefit and others who might hire the same car in the future.

Passengers are responsible for any loss of use, damage, or compromise in standard cleanliness of the vehicle. That is why, we have prohibited food, beverages and cigarettes inside the vehicle to avoid incidences like spilling, staining or vomiting. Passengers may be liable to pay a surcharge should any such occurrences occur.


In case of cancellation, the reservation holder should inform us as soon as possible so that your request could be processed. If the vehicle is dispatched upon your initial request, relevant charges may incur.

Surrey Cars Guildford is a private hire taxi company serving Guildford, Woking, Burpham, Merrow, Worplesdon, Shalford, Godalming, Cranleigh, Albury, Chilworth and Bramley.
Please Note: All Airports trips will have an additional charge of £5 between the hours of 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM
Surrey Cars Guildford  Ltd is licensed by Guildford Borough council. The Private Hire Operator license number for surrey cars guildford is PHO-050.
+44(0)1483 456 456
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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