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3 Reasons To Hire Heathrow Airport Taxi

Travellers landing at Heathrow airport have three ways to reach their destination from the airport- Public transport, rental cars and taxis. Although public transport is the cheapest of all the three options, many travellers avoid public transport due to strict schedules and unfamiliarity with fixed drop off points. So they decide between renting a car and hiring an airport taxi driven by the driver. People who love to drive a car and don’t have budget problem prefer a rental car. Others prefer to hire an airport taxi for reaching their destination from Heathrow airport due to the reasons discussed below.

Rental car is expensive as compared to an airport taxi

When travellers rent a car for reaching their destination from Heathrow airport they not only have to pay rental charges but also have to bear fuel expenses and motorway toll cost. The actual cost of travelling from Heathrow airport to traveller’s desired destination in a rental car gets to know at the end of the journey.

While travellers hiring an airport taxi are informed about the fare they will have to pay at the end of the journey. This helps them have a clear idea about their travelling expenses. Apart from this, taxi fare includes everything from service charges, fuel cost to motorway toll charges.

An airport taxi gives traveller peace of mind

A pre-book airport taxi offers peace of mind to the traveller. The traveller knows that as soon as he arrives in arrival hall (after landing of flight) his/her hired taxi company’s driver will meet and greet him and also assist with the language. Without any wastage of time, he/she will start your journey from the Heathrow airport to your desired destination.

Renting a car at Heathrow airport is not free from hassle. There are a number of car rental companies’ desk located at the Heathrow airport. Travellers/tourists who don’t know about any good car rental company find it confusing to choose one out of 8 firms offering rental car services at Heathrow airport.  Even if you have pre-booked your rental car, still you have to wait in the queue outside your chosen car rental company’s desk at the Heathrow airport to get your car.

An airport taxi driver knows all the local routes & shortcuts

An airport taxi is especially good for first-time visitors who don’t know anything about the areas and local routes. An airport taxi driver is familiar with all the local routes, language and shortcuts. He/she picks traveller from the Heathrow airport and takes him/her to the desired destination easily and quickly using shortcuts and traffic jam information. The traveller using an airport taxi enjoys the ride because he/she knows that the driver will take him/her to the desired destination.

For first-time visitors/tourists renting a car is not a feasible option. As they don’t have any knowledge about areas and local routes they have to solely rely on Google maps/automotive navigation system to reach their desired destination from Heathrow airport. It is to be noted that you have to be attentive to directions given by Google map to reach exact location. Negligence and ignorance can misdirect them which can result in wastage of time and energy.

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