Pros and Cons of Airport Transfers Services and Car Rentals

Pros and Cons of Airport Transfers Services and Car Rentals

Deciding on your next holiday and then booking the flight to that place is easier compared to figuring how you are going to get to your destination when you land at the airport. Public transport is what comes to mind, but it’s not always the convenient solution because of the strict schedules, especially when you have no idea regarding the fixed drop off points.

With public transportation out of the way, it usually comes down to hiring a car for yourself or booking an airport transfers. They also have their pros and cons, so let’s discuss which one fares better.

We start with car hire and the definite advantage it has is that you can pick your own route and make as many stops as you want during your journey. In addition to that flexibility, you have the luxury to keep the car with you for the entirety of your visit, and that gives you the opportunity to explore the area you are visiting thoroughly.

However, all of this can be very pricey and the cost of your hire can alarmingly go up compared to the price that you see on the car hire’s company website. If you have extra equipment for your holiday, then you would obviously need a bigger car, which will again add up to the cost of your hire.

You also have to remember that fuel will be on you and motorway and other miscellaneous costs will be on top of your original car hire cost.

On the other hand, by booking an airport transfers services, you know the exact cost of your journey. You can always start off your holiday with one less worry, by paying the airport transfer service cost upfront.

You will have a driver to pick you up from the airport when you land, and without any delays you can set off on your journey. This beats queuing up at car hire desks and walking up to the car rental service with all of your luggage.

The best thing about airport transfer service is that your driver will be experienced and can advise you on which route to take and they also know the roads and can easily avoid rush hour or heavy traffic areas to get to your destination right on time.

Airport transfer Service Company can also advise you on the best pick up times for your flights so you don’t have to wait around.