Plan a Short Getaway in January

Plan a Short Getaway in January

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas where you enjoyed the festive feasts and got to spend time with your loved ones, a short getaway in January is a much-needed vacation time out of your busy schedule and refresh at the start of the year.

Many people don’t know that, but January is the perfect time of the year to travel because you will be able to get away on a trip at a much lower price than any other time of the year. After the Christmas period, many airlines have January sales on flights and holiday packages, so it can be a perfect time for you travel if you are looking for a budget holiday.

There are plenty of places that you can visit in January, both hot and cold. It is a funny time of the year where you can visit places that are closer to home which will require the same winter wardrobe or you can go for a warmer location where you can start the year on a high after the Christmas blues.

If you are looking for something warmer, then you must head to Australia, and the gold coast is where you want to be because of its beautiful sight that will instantly get you in the holiday mood and lift your spirits as soon as you touch down. There is plenty of surfing there and if you are looking to relax on a beach than Byron Bay is the place for you.

Nice can be a great way to start your year. The city life can be enjoyed thoroughly there. However, there will be cold, and you would need your woollies out here, but during the daytime, you can sit outside and enjoy the comings and goings of city life. You can also book yourself an airport transfer service if you want to enjoy the beautiful city of France thoroughly.

Bruges in Belgium is the place if you are looking for a weekend away from your busy life. The city can relax you with its food and beautiful sights where you can go for long walks and enjoy the beautiful scenery of quaint buildings and plenty of tucked away place to sit and have a drink.

After the Christmas blues, it is essential that you take yourself and your loved ones on a holiday to start off the new year on a high. While you’re at it, book yourself an airport transfer service to quickly get to and from the airport and save yourself a small fortune by not using the airport parking. The reliable service will be at the airport to greet you when you arrive back from your holiday.