Driving or Airport Taxi: Which is Better for Traveling from Godalming

Driving or airport taxi: Which is better for traveling from Godalming to Heathrow airport?

There are some people who say that driving your personal car is the best way to travel from Godalming to Heathrow airport while others say that airport taxi is a more convenient option to go from Godalming to Heathrow airport. It is to be noted that both of these traveling options offer certain advantages and disadvantages to the travelers. Let’s discuss these in detail to understand which is really better.

If, you opt to drive your own car to reach Heathrow airport from Godalming then you will be entirely responsible for managing your journey from Godalming to Heathrow Airport in your car.

If, you choose to reach Heathrow airport in your personal car then before starting your journey to the Heathrow Airport you have to make sure that your car is perfect for traveling to the Heathrow Airport (there is no default in your car). Apart from this, you have to fill up your car tank with enough petrol so that you don’t run short of petrol at the middle of your journey to airport. Not only this, you have to manage your time properly so that you can reach airport on time.

 The people who support the idea of driving to Heathrow airport believe that it is an extremely cheap option because you just have to pay fuel charges. Such people forget about the car parking at airport. If you are going to Heathrow airport by driving your own car then you have to park your car at the airport and have to pay parking charges too. Don’t forget to add car parking fee at Heathrow airport in your traveling budget.

You should also note that during holiday season or peak days sometimes it becomes difficult to get a parking space at airports like Heathrow and Gatwick, which wastes traveler’s time. You must not forget here the point that you cannot compromise on time when traveling to the airport. If you want to drive yourself to Heathrow airport but don’t want to waste your time finding parking space then you can pre-book your parking space at Heathrow and you can also opt the velvet parking option at the Heathrow airport to further save your time. But, if you use the velvet parking option it will be an extra burden on your pocket.

Besides this, the idea of leaving car at airport parking for the duration of your trip does not seem pleasing to many travelers. You should also keep this thing in mind that if you drive yourself to Heathrow from Godalming and leave your at airport’s parking area then when you will return to Heathrow airport after your trip, you have to drive your car parked at the Heathrow parking area to reach your destination despite being tired, sleepy or stressed out.

As far as hiring an airport taxi is concerned for travelling from Godalming to Heathrow airport, we must say that it is really a convenient way to travel from Godalming to Heathrow airport but not very cheap. Well-reputed and professional airports taxi companies guarantee their clients that they will transfer them to any major UK airport on time, safely and comfortably. It means when a traveler hires an airport taxi it gives taxi hire company the task and responsibility to transfer him/her to the airport on time, without any hassle. . Apart from this, you can do your work or can relax during your journey from Godalming to Heathrow airport in an airport taxi because the taxi driver you have hired will drive the taxi for you.

Besides this, if you hire airport taxi for traveling from Godalming to Heathrow airport then you don’t have to pay fuel charges; you just have to pay service charges to the taxi hire company but the charges can vary depending on the type of car you choose and the facilities you need. Another good reason to hire airport taxi is that it will drop you off at departure lounge. It means, if you book an airport taxi instead of reaching airport by driving your own car, you can avoid finding parking space at the Heathrow airport and car parking charges too.

All in all, if you hire an airport taxi for traveling from Godalming to Heathrow airport you will enjoy peace of mind and a hassle free ride.